You love their furry red faces whenever you visit Buttonwood Park Zoo. Now you can get your adorable red panda fix from wherever you are.

Jacob, Marie and Sprout are arguably some of the most popular animals on exhibit at New Bedford's historic zoo. Thanks to new technology, you'll have a whole new way to view them.

Buttonwood Park Zoo has partnered with Fairhaven IT company Micro Technology Solutions to show the red pandas to the world.

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You've probably already guessed it, but the zoo is now live-streaming from the red panda exhibit 24 hours a day.

That means anytime you want to see the adorable antics of our local red pandas, you can log onto and there they are.

Watch them climb, run and, of course, nap. Red pandas need to eat 20-30% of their body weight each day due to the high amount of indigestible fiber present in bamboo. Digesting all that bamboo can be exhausting.

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Though they may not be super-active when you log on, they will always be super-cute.

It's no wonder that people love red pandas and are working so hard to increase their populations.

Red pandas are listed as endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature with numbers in the wild dropping by 50% over the last 20 years.

There are 219 red pandas at 87 AZA-accredited institutions around the world working together to save this endangered species. And you can view them anytime you need a panda fix thanks to Buttonwood Park Zoo's new live-streaming webcam.

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