Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction, or PAACA, located on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford, has been helping people with addiction problems for nearly 40 years. The organization serves both young people and adults, and is dedicated to substance use prevention, treatment pathways, and recovery support services.

Carl Alves is the Chief Executive Officer of PAACA. On this week's Townsquare Sunday program, Alves spoke about the addiction problems that continue to plague New Bedford and surrounding towns.

Among the topics discussed were the impact of COVID on people with addictions, the ever-growing opioid crisis, and the connection between addiction, mental illness and homelessness.

Alves also stressed the need for housing in New Bedford, especially for people transitioning from recovery. He said the lack of housing has now dwarfed most other issues in the New Bedford area,

PAACA is also embarking on a new project, working with several partners to establish the "Recovery Works" program. For agencies like his, Alves said building new partnerships is important to tackling addiction and substance abuse problems that almost never seem to go away in New Bedford.

PAACA and several other agencies in New Bedford are on the front lines every day. The interview with Carl Alves can be heard here:

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