A New Bedford intersection that has seen increased traffic buildup in recent weeks is getting another look from the city’s Department of Public Infrastructure.

The North End intersection where Ashley Boulevard and Acushnet Avenue merge in front of Pa Raffa’s has seen longer than usual wait times as of late. The two roads each have a traffic light at the juncture and then another light is just a short distance ahead before the Cumberland Farms entrance.

According to a post on the City of New Bedford Facebook page, “timing of the traffic lights was changed as a result of recent accidents in that area, particularly from motorists crossing two lanes of traffic to make a left turn.”

It appears yet another adjustment is in the works for the intersection that has been difficult for some to navigate.

“DPI is actively engaged with a traffic control company to modify the traffic lights at the intersection to better increase the flow of traffic,” the City posted.

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In his weekly appearance on WBSM, a caller wanted to bring to Mayor Jon Mitchell’s attention that the increased wait times at the intersection has led to motorists cutting down the side roads around the intersection, driving at a high rate of speed through a residential neighborhood.

“We never had this problem before the Cumberland’s went in,” the caller said. “I’m concerned about the children in the neighborhood.”

A later caller identified when the wait time for the intersection may have been extended.

“Two to three weeks ago, I saw the police there with trucks doing adjustments to those lights,” caller Mike Lima said. “They were working on the box so I’m assuming they were playing with the timing. Since they’ve done that, it’s gotten worse.”

At the time, Mayor Mitchell said he “wasn’t aware they were changing the timing,” but that his office would look into it. He also said he would have the police department look into the vehicles cutting down the side streets to avoid waiting at the lights.

“We’ll take some enforcement measures over there,” Mitchell said. “You’re not going to be able to keep people from driving down the street, from cutting through entirely, but obviously speeding is something we have to be cognizant of, especially in a neighborhood with lots of kids.”

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