New Bedford restaurant No Problemo expressed frustration this morning with the thought of having to lose out on the Thursday night dinner crowd due to some repairs that need to be done by the city.

New Bedford's water department needs to shut down water to parts of downtown today. No Problemo posted this to its Facebook page this morning:

"So the city is shutting down water for a few blocks downtown today and ours is one of those blocks.  So we are gonna be forced to close at 4.  It's ok, though, because they gave us almost a day's notice, and I'm sure they will compensate the loss in some way, shape or form. hahaha"

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While I'm sure ownership at the restaurant is kidding when they say that they are expecting compensation from the city, you can certainly feel their pain with having to close down even for one night. It goes without saying that it has been a challenging 16 months for small businesses like No Problemo.

A spokesperson for the City of New Bedford said the work will not begin until 8 p.m. at the earliest and that this particular water shutdown shouldn't last more than an hour or so. While the City is unsure of exactly what time the water will be shut off for the several blocks of downtown, it will happen as late as it possibly can.

Tonight is a test run for some future repairs that need to be done to the water main in the area. That shutdown could be significantly longer.

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