NEW BEDFORD — A two-year-old New Bedford girl who was reported missing has now been safely returned to her custodial parent in the city.

Carlynn Cintron was returned home after a multi-state search and investigation led by the New Bedford Police Department, police said in a press release. She was located in New York.

Earlier this week, Chelsea Cintron told Fun 107 that she hadn’t seen her daughter since the day after Thanksgiving, November 27. She said that her wife, Carmen Cintron, was watching her children and dropped her two boys off at Chelsea’s mother’s house before “taking off” with Carlynn.

Chelsea was granted full legal custody of Carlynn on February 4 and is in the process of divorcing Carmen. She initially filed a missing persons report but said police told her earlier this week that there was also a warrant out for the arrest of Carmen Cintron for “custodial interference.” Police with WBSM News that the NBPD sought charges and a warrant was issued for custodial kidnapping.

Chief Joseph Cordeiro paid tribute to Detectives Scott Conceicao, Dominique Sherburne, and Steve Taylor for managing the case, and Capt. Al Sousa for overseeing it.

“I commend each of these individuals for delivering exceptional service in bringing Carlynn safely home. We are proud to have them as members of the NBPD,” Cordeiro said.

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