Chelsea Cintron says the last time she's seen her daughter, Carlynn, was the day after Thanksgiving, November 27. Chelsea had suffered an injury at work, so she had her wife, Carmen Cintron, watch her three children while she recovered.

Chelsea, who is Carlynn's biological mother, told Fun 107 that Carmen Cintron ended up dropping off her two boys at her mother's house, and "taking off with my daughter." She hasn't seen her two-year-old since.

When Chelsea started to sense that her wife was trying to keep the baby away from her, she said she began to get the authorities involved. Because she was married to the person suspected of having the baby, things moved slower than she would have liked.

"They were calling it a probate matter," Chelsea said, "Because Carmen was legally the other parent, but I was granted full custody by a judge on February 4."

Chelsea said she is in the process of getting a divorce from Carmen.

"Once I started going to court, (Carmen) started hiding, changed her phone number, she's no longer at the address she was at, and nobody knows where she is," Chelsea said.

Chelsea says the last known address for Carmen Cintron was in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Cintron says a missing persons report was filed for both Carlynn and Carmen, but yesterday a New Bedford Police detective told her that there is now a warrant out for Carmen Cintron's arrest for custodial interference.

According to a New Bedford Police press release, Carmen is four-foot-nine, 100 pounds, and also goes by the name "Ceejay."

Any information on the whereabouts of either Carmen Cintron or Carlynn Cintron should be shared with New Bedford Police Detective Dominique Sherburne at (508) 991-6300 ext. 79545. When calling, reference incident number 21-1528-OF.

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