As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, people across the SouthCoast are looking for love. One lonely bowler in New Bedford is looking for his special someone.

This time of year is always an opportunity to check out the Craigslist “Missed Connections” to see who is trying to find who, and see just how weird things can get. It's not as popular as it once was in its heyday before all the dating apps, but it's still a place to find some gems.

A January 15 post from a man smitten with a woman at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford made us laugh while hoping he can find love.

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The post is titled “Lady in Red at Wonder Bowl” and reads, “We made eye contact. You had a lovely smile and mesmerizing eyes. You were wearing a very nice outfit with matching boots. Tell me the color you were wearing so I know it's you. Bowler, Grey Fox.”

Now, it’s probably pretty easy for anyone to tell him what color she was wearing, since he titled the post “Lady in Red at Wonder Bowl.” Going to guess it was red, dude.

It also seems like this isn’t the first time “Grey Fox” has fallen in love at first sight. There’s a post from December 28 titled “CVS New Bedford Near Buttonwood” that also sounds like it could be him.

“You were in line in front of me in CVS. You had pink hair and a nose ring. You were so beautiful. I wanted to say something. I don’t know why I didn’t. If you’re interested, write me back. Tell me what kind of tattoo you have on the back of your neck so I know it’s you. I hope I hear from you,” he wrote.

Let’s see if we can help Grey Fox find his Lady in Red or his Pink Haired Nose Ringed Tattooed Woman this Valentine’s Day. That is, if they’re willing to meet him.

And please, folks, never meet with someone from one of these ads alone. Always be sure to do so in a public place and stay safe.

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