I now understand why New Bedford's Jon Stetson, "America's Master Mentalist," has been invited back to the White House six times and tickled the ribs of royal families while astounding audiences around the world. He's a one-in-a-million mind reader on which the CBS television series The Mentalist was based.

Stetson and I presided over the 10th Annual Fishing for a Cause Tournament and Seaside Dinner at New Bedford's Kilburn Mill to a packed house of awestricken spectators. Over and over, you heard, "How could he KNOW that?," from a fascinated crowd gathered to support the operations of The Schwartz School in Dartmouth and Meeting Street, and its life-changing programs for children with special needs.

The evening also gave us a chance to catch a glimpse into the mind of an oracle who has made a legacy out of telling people exactly what they were thinking.

In fact, it felt as if everyone in attendance was on the same wavelength about how The Schwartz Center children were empowered with a kind of transcendental enlightenment, imparted not by a gifted mentalist but rather by a team of loving therapeutic and educational experts who are modern day miracle workers.

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For over 70 years, The Schwartz School and Meeting Street have been pioneers and leaders, helping every child with special needs reach their fullest potential. Every year, thousands of SouthCoast families are also served, in their homes, with the Early Intervention Programs that come to them, providing children and their family the services needed during the early years of development and growth, because every parent wants the best for their child.

It was a pleasurable and positive evening, and it was unquestionably mesmerizing seeing Stetson hitting it out of the park, but it was equally awe-inspiring seeing everyone there of one mind.

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