NEW BEDFORD —On his weekly appearance on WBSM on Friday, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell said some questions that appear on the ballot are too complicated for a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

The mayor used the examples of the ballot questions about raising the minimum wage, drug legalization and eliminating the state income tax.

Mitchell said there was much involved in those referendums that required more than a simple yes/no choice. He said some of these issues are better left to the legislators to sort out.

Mayor Mitchell added that he agrees with those who feel there should be a change in the state constitution to correct the situation.

"People walking into the voting booth, it's very hard to know how to vote. I find it hard sometimes, and this has to change." Mitchell said.

The mayor said that the legislators have the knowledge and experience to make the right choices. He also said if they fail, we have the opportunity to vote them out.

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