David DoPao of New Bedford is searching for a living kidney donor. His sister-in-law, Tammi Miller, sent us a message about his story.

"David was dating my sister Jennifer when he was unexpectedly diagnosed with kidney issues in December of 2002. He was only 27-years-old. It was quickly clear that he would need a transplant, as neither kidney was working well. After a long process, he received a kidney from a cousin in October of 2004. This was hoped to be a life-long fix, especially since the kidney was from a family member.

David and Jennifer truly stuck together through sickness and health and were married in 2006. In the fall of 2007, they welcomed their daughter Isabelle. Life went along with their little family, until the summer of 2015 when blood levels showed the beginnings of rejection of David's donated kidney. In spite of this, David graduated from New England Institute of Technology with a degree in Auto Technology. Unfortunately, his declining health made it difficult for him to work.

David DoPao
David DoPao

In December of 2017, David landed in the ER with breathing issues. He was found to be in fluid overload and was started on dialysis immediately. David has struggled with the effects of dialysis ever since. He cannot work because of the dialysis schedule and the severe fatigue and blood pressure issues it causes. They are searching for a living donor angel to help ensure that this kidney will remain functioning for a long time. David wants to see his daughter grow and move into her adult life and use his degree to do what he loves.

We are seeking a donor with blood type O. All testing, surgery, and some follow-up costs are covered by David's insurance. If someone is interested in helping this young father, they can contact Karen Curreri at Boston Medical Center at Karen.Curreri@BMC.org or call 617-638-8368."

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