FALL RIVER — A New Bedford man was convicted at trial last week on illegal firearm offenses and was sentenced to serve up to three-and-a-half years in state prison.

The Bristol District Attorney's Office says Aries Ross, 24, of New Bedford, was convicted by a jury of his peers in Fall River Superior Court on indictments charging him with an illegal firearm-subsequent offense and carrying a loaded illegal firearm.

The jury deliberated for less than two hours after the two-day trial.

In April of 2017, New Bedford Police narcotic detectives were conducting surveillance at an intersection where there had been complaints of dealing. Detectives observed several apparent drug transactions and then witnessed several people entering the intersection following those transactions.

Police immediately stopped the vehicle, when Ross jumped out of the passenger seat and began running.

Detectives said Ross was holding his arm by his waist side which was a sign to officers that he was armed. One officer chased Ross a short distance into an alleyway where there was no exit. The officer observed Ross reach into his waistband and pull out an object, and throw it over the fence, making a metallic sound.

Police recovered a 9 mm with four rounds in it.

“This case highlights dangerous situations police confront in urban areas on a regular basis. He fled from police for one reason; he was in possession of an illegal loaded firearm. This conduct clearly undermines people’s sense of security in urban neighborhoods,” District Attorney Quinn said.

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