NEW BEDFORD — New Bedford Police arrested Ruperto Torres, 44, for the third time in less than two weeks Tuesday after he was found trespassing in the area of 149 Tinkham Street and 505 North Front Street, where he had been arrested twice before.

Torres was charged with trespassing Tuesday morning, after he was located walking through the yards of both properties, ignoring "No Trespassing" signs.

The property at 149 Tinkham Street was closed down by the city after Torres and seven other people were arrested for robbing a man at that location Feb. 14. The property had been the subject of multiple neighborhood complaints and police calls.

He was released on the Feb. 14 charges without bail by Judge Paul Pino.

Torres was subsequently arrested again Feb. 22 on charges of trespassing after he broke into a residence at 505 North Front Street. Police received a report from the building's management company reporting that Torres had broken into the address. Torres was in fact located in the basement of the house.

Judge Pino again released Torres Feb. 22 without having to post bail after his re-arrest, even though the Bristol County District Attorney's Office requested that he be held.

His third arrest came Feb. 27, when police witnessed him trespassing in the yards at 149 Tinkham Street and 505 North Front Street, where he had been arrested previously, despite no trespassing signs at the site.

On Wednesday, Torres was released again without bail by Judge Robert S. Ovoian, despite a request from the district attorney's office that he be held without bail based on his previous arrests. When the judge refused that request, the district attorney's office requested that bail be set at $500. The judge refused that request as well and released Torres without bail, despite his three arrests.

Torres is no stranger to New Bedford Police. He has 39 arraignments in New Bedford District Court. He has been convicted of possessing a firearm, dealing heroin and twice for dealing cocaine.

--New Bedford Police

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