Jack Spillane of the online news publication New Bedford Light made a return visit to Townsquare Sunday this week, sparking another lively discussion about the news of the day. Spillane has a particular interest in local politics, and that was a key part of our conversation this week.

Spillane was down on the City Council for all the "pomp and circumstance" in their Inauguration ceremony, including the use of limousines to transport councilors from City Hall to Keith Middle School. He also said the feels the council could have simply taken the oath of office in the council chambers and moved on to other business.

We also spoke with Spillane about a recent report critical of sheriffs across the country, and Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson for accepting campaign contributions from vendors and others they do business with in operating their jails and lock-ups.

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In response, Hodgson correctly pointed out those contributions are legal under state law, and he's done nothing wrong. When asked if there was any chance the State Legislature might change the law, Spillane said, "Don't hold your breath."

We also discussed the Keith Hovan case and the recent move by New Bedford Light to seek a ruling by a Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court on whether a probable cause hearing should be open to the public.

The hearing, which is currently being delayed, will determine whether charges of illegal possession of ammunition should be brought against Hovan for the thousands of rounds of ammunition found in his home. A ruling is expected soon.

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