There will be no Women's March in New Bedford this year and the venom is flowing from the fangs of the organizers who failed their responsibilities.

The Standard-Times is the paper of record for our area and they do a great job reporting important news in a time of reduced budgets and staffing. The Standard-Times, like most news organizations, is doing more with less and still getting the job done.

And then there is the New Bedford Women's March of 2020.

The Standard-Times gave a forum to the three people who failed to put together a Women's March in New Bedford this year. The reporter let them explain what they say stopped them from completing the mission they had volunteered to accomplish for all the other women who agree with them politically.

According to the newspaper of record, former Ward 4 New Bedford City Councilor Dana Rebeiro posted about it on her Facebook page and said it was the children who interfered with her and the other two women who were organizing the march.

"Rebeiro said her fellow organizers had to juggle multiple things this past year including raising kids while working and she had to juggle going back to school, starting a consulting company, and working as a city councilor.

'So isn’t it ironic that the reason we need to organize is the reason we couldn’t,' Rebeiro wrote in her post. 'We (women) always have to work so much harder.'"

Dana Rebeiro doesn't have any children to blame.

Obviously she didn't speak to the children of her fellow organizers about the ways they were interfering in the march that she failed to organize. Logically, the moms who were trying to work with Rebeiro told her they couldn't accomplish the tasks they had committed to and mentioned their kids as the reason, or they didn't and Rebeiro is assuming it is the children who are to blame.

Remember, she doesn't have kids, so it isn't her fault the march failed because of kids.

By pointing to the children as the problem, Rebeiro – a skilled politician who has been successfully elected to a political office multiple times over equally talented politicians, and has been a paid political operative for the Massachusetts Democratic Party – is deflecting the blame. By transferring the blame to children, this childless woman is transferring the blame to the organizers with children.

One of the other organizers blamed their failure on the "community" rather than her own children. According to the Standard-Times, Beth Santos-Fauteux said, “although there was a huge kind of want from the community to be involved, nobody really came through with it ... there were sponsors who never cut us the checks they promised.”

Beth ran a few years ago for the Ward 3 seat on the city council and lost overwhelmingly. The article says she now works with the Coalition for Social Justice. Last week, the Coalition for Social Justice did a march for illegal aliens in prison in Bristol County. The Coalition of Social Justice also wants Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson to resign from the office he was democratically elected to by a bipartisan coalition to hold.

Somebody made a decision at the Coalition for Social Justice to support illegal alien rights with a march rather than the rights of women with a march.

Who were the sponsors who failed to deliver the financial support they promised to the Women's March of New Bedford? This is an incredible charge by Beth Santos-Fauteux and it splashes mud on everyone who was involved in the previous marches. Why did they withhold the money this year? Who specifically is Beth Santos-Fauteux blaming for this financial collapse?

It is now every left-wing woman activist for herself in the wake of the collapse of the Woman's March in New Bedford. Rebeiro, a true politician, has gotten her narrative out in the media, she is heading to graduate school, and she isn't looking back.

The other women involved in the failed New Bedford march should get their records in order and be prepared to defend themselves as more fingers are pointed and more of their political allies head to the media to tell the story of what happened and who, beyond their children, is at fault.

Chris McCarthy is the host of The Chris McCarthy Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @Chris_topher_Mc. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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