If you did your back-to-school shopping at New Bedford's Howland Place Designer Outlet Center, then you most definitely went to school on the SouthCoast in the '80s and you will most definitely appreciate this video.

Like a joke straight out of How I Met Your Mother, Howland Place actually made a "Let's Go to the Mall"-type music video back in the day – only the song wasn't nearly as good. Sorry, Mick Howland.

It does, however, bring back some fantastic memories for lots of SouthCoast shoppers who loved to save on Calvin Klein, Armani, Joseph Abboud and more. I mean this was the place to go for outlet shopping at the time.

Sadly, the New Bedford outlets were slowly put out of business in the late '90s by the bigger, better outlet mall built in Wrentham. A lot of the stores inside Howland Place chose to open locations in Wrentham instead and ended their leases locally. I guess two nearby outlet locations wasn't a good business plan.

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Wrentham has clearly stood the test of time as people are still heading there year after year for the outlet deals. Howland Place, on the other hand, has undergone another major renovation. From textile mill to shopping center and now office space, Howland Place is still around to bring back memories as you drive by. These videos certainly help with that too.

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