Throughout my life, I've toured some pretty unique houses, but never one that was not only surrounded by water but actually on top of it. This New Bedford houseboat is the perfect floating abode.

Located at 226 Popes Island in New Bedford, it is a very unique architectural vision that is currently on the market for a cool $110,000. Fresh onto the real estate market, this quant little sea house won't last long before it is scooped up by an interested buyer.

Complete with one bedroom and one bath, it's ideal for someone who enjoys alone time or perhaps a couple that's looking to start small. Don't let its size full you on the outside; it's rather spacious once you take a look around the inside.

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Earlier today, I contacted Amy Pimental, the real estate agent for this property, and was offered a tour of the place to see what it had to offer. Needless to say, although it was a little too small for my liking, it was still the most interesting house I've ever explored. There's not much to it; a downstairs and an upstairs, but it has everything you need to live a comfortable and rewarding life.

According to Pimental, the houseboat was built in 1995. A woman named Kate Sullivan bought it back in 1998 and was living in it year-round for four years. After meeting her husband, Lloyd, they soon started a family and began using the houseboat just for fun rather than a full-time accommodation. It became their vacation spot, a getaway. It was eventually purchased in 2018 and is now back on the market once again.

New Bedford Floating Houseboat Is on the Market

This New Bedford houseboat that floats by Popes Island within the marina is as unique as real estate gets here on the SouthCoast.

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