After a two-year hiatus and an overcast start to the day, the sun broke through and shone on the runners as the New Bedford Half Marathon returned and saw one of its best finishes in the past 10 races.

Matthew McDonald of Cambridge was the men’s winner, finishing at 1:04:17 – the fastest course time since 2009.

Kaitlin Kellner of Brighton was the women’s winner, coming in at 1:13:51.

McDonald and Kellner each took home $1,000 for winning their respective open races.

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Timothy Gill of East Boston was second for the men at 1:06:21, and Joshua Kalapos of Somerville placed third at 1:06:22. For the women, Annmarie Tuxbury of Newport, RI was second at 1:14:53, and Amy Tortorello of Watertown was third at 1:16:25.

Second place finishers won $425, and third place finishers won $325.

The race also awards a $250 prize to the first New Bedford man and woman to cross the finish line. Jason Beaver was the first New Bedford male finisher at 1:15:35, and Janytzabell Rodriguez-Ramos was the top New Bedford female at 1:31:27.

Corey Hebert was the second male New Bedford finisher at 1:20:38, and Peter Danzell was the third at 1:31:16. Calista Tetreault was the second female New Bedford finisher at 1:43:01, and Kalie Marion was third at 1:44:08.

Alexander Taylor of Lincoln won the male masters division at 1:07:09, and Karolyn A. Bowley of Middletown, RI won the female masters at 1:18:39. Each won a $250 prize.

There were 1,590 runners tracked in the official results of the 2022 New Bedford Half Marathon out of 1,958 official entries.

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