Two firearms were taken off the street following the investigation by New Bedford Police detectives of a drug transaction in the area of the Temple Landing neighborhood.

According to police, detectives observed a male and a female allegedly engaged in a drug transaction on the corner of the Cedar Street and Kempton Street intersection.

They said further investigation revealed that the female, identified as Johna Fonseca, 42, of Wareham, had purchased Percocet from the male, identified as Keeland Rose, 28, or New Bedford.

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Police said Rose and a juvenile were stopped after the transaction, and the juvenile was found in possession of a .22-caliber revolver loaded with five rounds, and Rose was found in possession of a .38-caliber firearm loaded with three rounds.

According to police, the seizure marks seven illegal firearms taken off the streets since May 1.

Rose is charged with distribution of a Class B substance, conspiracy to violate controlled substance laws, and being a felon while carrying a loaded firearm and ammunition without a license.

Police said Rose was previously convicted of accessory after the fact following the shooting murder of Brad Lourenco in 2017, for which he was sentenced to three to six years.

Fonseca is charged with possession of Class B substance and conspiracy to
violate the controlled substance laws.

The juvenile is charged with carrying a loaded firearm and ammunition without license.

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