Do you remember The Gong Show? It was a television program that aired during the mid-70s. It was wacky and silly and occasionally very funny.

Gallery X on William Street in New Bedford is staging its own version of The Gong Show on Saturday, June 8 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Sean Fitzgerald, a Gallery X board member, will emcee the show, playing the role of Chuck Barris, The Gong Show's original host.

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Fitzgerald stopped by Townsquare Sunday this week give us a rundown.

"We're looking to capitalize on the spirit of The Gong Show, and that spirit is alive and well at Gallery X," he said.

Contestants on the original show displayed a variety of talents with a table of judges watching intently. If one of the judges didn't like what he or she was seeing, he would run to a giant drum on stage, grab a mallet and hit the gong, ending that performance.

Fitzgerald said contestants for the Gallery X show do not need to have a world-class talent; a unique skill will do.

"We're looking for the different, the wild, the entertaining," he said.

"We want what the area has, that nobody has quite seen just yet," Fitzgerald said. "We believe that in the hidden corners of New Bedford, there is talent there that's trying to get out."

Unique prizes will be awarded to those contestants who place. The program will also feature Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine, the Unknown Comic, and a house band.

If you would like to be a contestant, please call Gallery X at (508) 992-2675, or call Fitzgerald at (508) 971-7454. Tickets will be available at the door or by calling Gallery X.

Organizers are asking for a $20 donation or whatever you can afford, and all proceeds will benefit the Gallery X Capital Campaign.

If you would like your organization featured on Townsquare Sunday, please email the host at

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