Today is election day in New Bedford, Fall River and a number of other communities across the SouthCoast and in Massachusetts.

New Bedford and Fall River voters both have key races for mayor and for their city council that will shape the future of their respective cities.

With voter turnout dwindling in recent years, there has been a concerted effort from local officials to get people out there and casting a ballot on election day. Yet as new voters are heading to the polls for the first time, they may have a question: where do I go to vote?

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Hopefully by now, if you didn't know the answer to your question, you've reached out to your local election office. In New Bedford, you can reach the hard-working staff over there at (508) 979-1420. In Fall River, the number is (508) 324-2630.

Keep in mind that on election day, those offices are very busy and it may take them a bit to answer the phone.

However, the Secretary of State's Office here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has made it even easier to find out where to go to vote. If you visit the Where Do I Vote MA webpage, you can enter in your street address, and it will tell you where you go to vote.

It will also give you key information about your location. In addition to your ward, voting precinct and polling location, it will also tell you all your elected officials at the state and national level. Not sure who your state rep is? This site will tell you.

It's a great tool to help you know where to go to vote, and who will be on the ballot when you get there.

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