There’s a lot of weirdness out there if you know where to look, and Google Earth and the Google Maps Street View are two places to find some of it. This creepy capture of a car in New Bedford is a perfect example.

The website Weird Google Earth shares some of the strangest of the strange, including some of it that is NSFW. It’s a fun site to check out from time to time when you’ve got some time to kill.

One entry documents this car sitting in the parking lot at the Ocean Side Plaza on West Rodney French Boulevard in New Bedford. It’s the plaza that houses a Family Dollar, directly across from the Kilburn Mill.

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When I saw the entry, I had to go to Google Maps myself and get a better look at this thing. I zoomed in on the little Ford and sure enough, it was a freaky sight.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What could that be? Is it a person sitting in the car, wearing a mask? Or perhaps it’s just a mask slung around the headrest of the passenger seat?

Google Maps
Google Maps

To be fair, this Google Street View capture was in October 2019 – so it was probably right around Halloween, and back at a time when “wear your mask” probably meant something like this, rather than the face masks that would become the new normal just a few months later.

I hope that’s all it was, because the alternatives are too unnerving to think about. Could it be that there was some blank-faced weirdo being driven around the streets of New Bedford? If you look closely, the face is staring directly at the Google Maps camera, almost as if it wants to be seen.

Or worse, maybe there was nobody there at all, and no mask to be found – meaning this could be nothing more than a ghostly figure appearing in the car window.

I’m just going to tell myself it’s some kid waiting patiently in the car for his mom or dad to come out of Family Dollar so they can get to a Halloween party. That way, maybe I can sleep tonight.

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