What Tavares song makes you want to dance the most? Do you remember the first time you heard "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel?" Flash back to all the years we've enjoyed the Grammy-winning luminaries singing out tunes that captured our hearts here, and for fans around the world. The SouthCoast couldn't have asked for better ambassadors of goodwill, always giving back to the New Bedford community whenever the need arose.

Antone "Chubby" Tavares needs our help now for a golf tournament scholarship fundraiser, in memory of his son Ryan Tavares and Anthony Tarby Richards, at Acushnet River Valley on September 4.

"We want to pay tribute to my son, Ryan Keith Tavares, and a close family friend and one of the kindest, most generous man ever, Anthony Tarby Richards." Tavares said. "Ryan passed away on November 30, 2020. He was 51 years old."

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Ryan is Tavares' second son to die young.

"It's not fair that a parent outlives the life his children," Tavares said through tears. "My children are the heart and soul of my life."

Ryan Tavares faced health issues from a young age.

"Ryan started out his life with obstacles he dealt with," he said. "At the tender age of 14 months, Ryan contracted a life-threatening illness that forced doctors to amputate his right leg. He had just started walking when this happened, but that didn't stop him from re-learning how to walk with one leg."

The singing celebrity went on to describe, with such deep affection, the good deeds his son and Richards fulfilled throughout their lives. Tavares also brought up the fact that he's the one now who needs the help of others.

"Today, I want to reach out and talk to all our SouthCoast friends, family and fans to please support the tournament, by entering and taking part in the event, or by donating a gift that will be given out at the dinner as 'thank you' awards," he said. "Maybe an extra gift card or something like that." In the future, scholarships will be awarded, as the funds accumulate. For more information or to donate, contact Eric Gomes at (774) 251-1398.

Courtesy Chubby Tavares
Courtesy Chubby Tavares

There are some simple principles in life, such as "what goes around, comes around" and "as you sow, so shall you reap." May those thoughts bring about in your mind the music of Tavares, and when you think of all the good that family has done for us here on the SouthCoast, now is the time for us to return that goodwill.

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