NEW BEDFORD — At Tuesday night's meeting of the City Council, the expected approval of a new harbormaster was put on hold.

Mayor Jon Mitchell had filed a motion for the council to appoint New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro to the post of harbormaster. Cordeiro would remain as chief of police and would receive no additional compensation.

When the harbormaster appointment item was introduced at the session, Councilor-at-Large Naomi Carney called for the motion to be sent to the Committee on Appointments and Briefings. The motion was seconded by fellow Councilor-at-Large Brian Gomes.

Councilor Gomes told WBSM News, "I believe the Chief is doing his job, but to be harbormaster, I believe there is more important things to deal with as far as the city is concerned. Criminal activity, the department itself, training and it goes on." Gomes added that Naomi Carney agrees with his position.

The item will now be delayed until the next council meeting, which is scheduled for December 13. If nothing changes by that time, the appointment of Cordeiro as harbormaster will likely be approved.

The position has been vacant since the beginning of 2017.

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