Sarah Woodcock of New Bedford has bragging rights to say that for a few years, her aunt Carol Haney, Hollywood and Broadway megastar, cared for her and helped raise her at 233 Palmer Street.

"When my mother passed away, my Aunt Carol cared for me until I turned three years old, when my father remarried," she said.

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Growing up, she learned that her Aunt Carol was actually a big star who played a significant role in film history. She also learned that, once upon a time, her home city of New Bedford bestowed her with a special honor: a street named after her.

"Years later, my grandfather shared with me the story of a ribbon cutting ceremony for the unveiling of Haney Way. He was in attendance, and recalled local leaders being on hand for all the pomp," Woodcock said. "But six months to a year later, Haney Way disappeared into obscurity, and my grandfather never understood why."

It's still a mystery, all these decades later.

"Our family has deep roots here that go back centuries, to William V. Haney, who was a whaler," Woodcock said. "Our connection to New Bedford is significant, and I have an interest in finding out why Haney Way, that was located in the general area around the Zeiterion Theater, is no longer in existence."

Michael Lawrence, Public Information Officer for the City of New Bedford, admitted the question was very interesting and has reached out to local historian Arthur Motta, formerly of the Whaling Museum and now Lawrence's colleague in public relations with New Bedford Public Schools.

While they're researching this, do any local residents remember seeing this street?

We'll keep you posted about this puzzler, and report as soon as there are further developments. In the meantime, research turned up that Haney's School of Dance was directly above Pat McKenna's Boutique on Union Street, not far from the street named in Haney's honor.

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