NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — New Bedford police officers have arrested two people suspected of separate car breaks over the last week.

Police said an officer saw a man enter a parked vehicle in the area of Sixth and School streets Jan. 26 around 10 p.m. Javier Mendez-Colon, 32, as later found to have property belonging to the vehicle's owner. He was charged with breaking into a motor vehicle at night with the intent to commit a felony. He has an extensive history with numerous convictions for a variety of crimes, including two previous charges of breaking and entering.

At the time, Mendez-Colon was on probation out of New Bedford District Court.

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On Thursday, February 2, around 3:30 a.m., police were called to the intersection of Watson and Duke streets for another vehicle break. Police said a quarter-glass window on the driver's side had been smashed by the suspect, who then entered the vehicle and stole some property.

The suspect fled when he learned the vehicle owner had spotted him, jumping over nearby fences to escape.

Later in the morning, police said they saw the same male going through a parked vehicle on Willow Street. The suspect led police on a foot chase before he was ultimately caught and taken into custody.

He was identified as Walter Brewster, 55. Brewster was discovered to have numerous items allegedly stolen from parked vehicles, including the one from Watson Street earlier in the morning.

He was charged with two counts of breaking into a motor vehicle to commit a felony and resisting arrest.

Brewster also has an extensive criminal history with numerous convictions for offenses such as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny, possession of burglarized tools, and four previous cases of breaking and entering.

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