Since the mid-1980s, New Bedford vocalist Candida Rose has performed a plentitude of popular songs in different languages, and is considered part of the A-team of vocal talent on the SouthCoast.

Although the song "Love Each Other Through" was previously released last year, she has just launched its music video on YouTube. Appropriately released during Black History Month, "Love Each Other Through" resonates with the theme of "I am my brother's keeper."

"I wrote the song during the turbulent summer of 2020, in the throes of the George Floyd tragedy," Rose said. "Yes, there was civil unrest, but I also picked up on lots of local people, who were filled with thoughtfulness, friendliness and compassion. I sought to capture that story and spirit of goodwill in a song."

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"The melody of the song just came to me, while walking along the beach," she recalled.

Rose credits a late pillar of Cape Verdean music, vocalist Miss Vickie Vieira, with inspiring her to make music.

"Like my mentor, I'm resolved to keep moving our culture forward through music and education, letting everyone know about the beauty and resilience of our people," Rose said.

Now, she's looking to spread that same message in another language.

"What's next is to get the song translated and recorded in Creole, but before we do that, my dream is that the song's message reaches at least a million people worldwide, and they share the video and hopefully they take the message to heart," she said. "We, as people, need to let our lights shine.

Candida Rose is a torchbearer for the Cape Verdean people, and that's good, because unfortunately, many cultures are now under threat, and the list of endangered languages is growing day by day. Louisiana Creole was recently listed.

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