Arts and culture are coming alive once again in New Bedford.

Actually, Margo Saulnier, Creative Strategist for NB Creative said art programs and organizations in New Bedford never went away during the pandemic, they simply continued virtually in many cases.

"Now, thanks to grant funding and other programs, the arts community is starting to thrive again, and 2022 is going to be an excellent year for arts and culture in New Bedford," she said.

Saulnier joined Townsquare Sunday this week to discuss arts and culture in the city.

She highlighted several programs during our discussion, like AHA Nights downtown on the second Thursday of every month, the SouthCoast Spring Arts Festival in May which includes 70 events from Fall River to Wareham, and a new program in June called 20MI2 (which stands for the 20 square miles of New Bedford) that will feature arts and culture and wellness events in city neighborhoods.

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Saulnier also highlighted a grant program that is available to local artists and organizations.  "Art is Everywhere" is funded through MassDevelopment/Transformative Development initiative and the Barr Foundation.

The program will award grants from $1,000 to $20,000 for projects "that demonstrate the role of creative individuals which envision solutions to broader community issues using an arts, culture or creative framework." This is the third and final year of the "Art is Everywhere" grant program.

Margo Saulnier's Townsquare Sunday interview can be heard here:

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