New Bedford Educators Assocation President Louis St. John called in to my Saturday morning show on WBSM to share his views on some of the morning's discussions, related to Dr. Pia Durkin and her interview with The Standard-Times in which she denies there is a discipline problem in New Bedford schools.

St. John said safety has long been a concern, and that the recent reports out of Keith Middle School only vindicate what he's been saying for the past few years.

Former School Committee member Jill Marie Ussach also called in to share her thoughts, including stating that "we have allowed children to almost run the schools, in some cases."

During the show, I brought up my idea that I've been pushing for the past few years that each classroom, hallway, lunchroom, etc in all of the schools should be equipped with video cameras to hold students and educators alike accountable for their actions, and to have documented proof of some of these incidents if and when they did occur. Would YOU sign permission for your child to be recorded while in school? Sound off in the comments below.

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