Former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should have stayed in bed this morning. What was he thinking, agreeing to appear before two congressional committees hell-bent on elongating the Russia collusion witch hunt?

Mueller's questionable two-volume report released in the spring is at the center of the inquiries. Much of the report appears to be a one-sided political document that walks far beyond the guidelines laid forth by the Department of Justice and the U.S. Constitution. Mueller is under strict orders from the DOJ to remain within the corners of the report, so little is expected to be learned about what Mueller actually investigated and why.

Beyond all of that, Mueller struggled enormously on the witness stand. His answers have sharply contradicted his own report. Mueller has also struggled to remember key details of what he wrote in the report and has often answered that the report would have to speak for itself.

Mueller's other challenges include a very difficult time hearing or even comprehending the questions being posed to him, eliciting laughter at times from members of the committee and the audience.

Mueller appears as a sympathetic figure who is being used by Democrats who run these committees and the House to try to assist them in their last-ditch effort to drum up support for impeaching the president.

Bob Mueller's appearance before these congressional committees did nothing to advance the conspiracy theory that President Trump colluded with the Russians. In fact, it may have had the exact opposite effect, as it raised more concerns about the fairness and thoroughness of Mueller's report and whatever and whoever may have been behind it.

Trump advised Mueller to skip the hearings. Mueller should have heeded the advice.

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