Now this sounds like something out of a terrible ‘80s movie.

A 52-year-old woman in France has been busted for posing as her 19-year-old daughter to take the English portion of the Baccalaureat exam for her little girl in the hopes of earning a higher score.

The woman tried her best to look like her daughter by getting decked out like a typical teenager, wearing Converse sneakers, low-rise jeans and slabs of makeup.

The mother appeared to have gotten away with the scam, since people of all ages register to take the exam, but the scheme came a’ tumblin’ down when a proctor who had seen the daughter during an earlier test noticed the ID on the desk belonged to the teen.

Cops were summoned and hauled the woman away for suspicion of fraud. Maybe next time she'll leave the shady things parents will do in order to better her daughter's life to Kris Jenner.

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