Welcome back to school, SouthCoast kids! The first day of school has come and gone for students from Somerset to Bourne (and everywhere in between), and for many, it's the first time really being back in a classroom in a while thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents were more than eager to snap their kids' annual first day of school, but the kids? That's a different story. While most obliged happily, and one girl from All Saints Catholic School, even jumped for joy, there's always bound to be a few that aren't exactly excited about heading back to the classroom. We asked parents to submit photos of their kiddos on their first day back, and boy, are we excited to cheer these students and their classmates, from preschool all the way up through college, on throughout the next year.

What's even better is we even had a teacher, Mr. Vital from Keith Middle School, join in on the fun. His wife, Kerrin, submitted his goofy first day photo, chalkboard and all, and it's safe to say that his classroom will be having a ton of fun this year.

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While the rest of the school year may involve a lot of breakfasts in the car and last-minute sprints to the bus stop, we had a blast seeing all of these SouthCoast kiddos all prepped and ready to go for their very first day back for the new school year. Make it a great one, kids and teachers!

SouthCoast Kids Head Back to School in Adorable First Day Photos

Welcome back to school! September is officially here, and it's time for kids here on the SouthCoast to hit the books. Of course, parents made sure to snap their annual 'First Day of School' photos as the kids were heading out the door, and whether these students were heading to their first day of 1st grade, 8th grade, or their senior year, they all have another school year full of wonder and learning ahead of them.

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