So I was checking out the website Popcrush the other day and they had a link to a site about the "most paused movie moments".  I had to check it out, the movie moments were pretty good, however most of them involved nudity!  One of the movies was Trading Places with Jamie Lee Curtis taking her top off, another was J-Lo's back side in the movie The Backup Plan, the number one "most paused movie moment" was Sharon Stone crossing her legs in the movie "Basic Instint", a scene we all know about.

My favorite in the top ten were the silly things that happened, like in Star Wars Episode IV a storm trooper bangs his head while walking in a hall way.  What makes it real funny is that they left the scene in the movie!

Another funny scene is from the movie "Tron" one of the charicters is talking to a computer screen and on the screen is Pac Man, pretty funny.

These day's with DVR's we are always rewinding and pausing, one of the most rewound moments was from the Superbowl when Janet Jackson had her "wardrobe malfunction", among other live television screw-ups.  My question to you is what is your most paused moment?  It can be from television or a movie, post your comments and we will see if we can add some new ones to the list!  Check out the complete top 10 list.