Here we go again!  I knew when last winter we barely saw any snow that this year we would pay the price!  I was right, not that I'm bragging.


Last weeks Blizzard "Nemo" dropped as much as two feet of snow on us and now another storm packing high winds and more snow.  Some people just got their power back a couple of day's ago and I am sure that they are concerned that they might lose it again!  That would be a shame to have to endure more time without power, at my house we lost it for less than 48 hours and it was rough, I can't imagine going for four or five day's without.  I keep hearing the old adage, it's winter in New England, we should be used to this.  We are used to having snow but not so much of it at once.

I know that in a few short months that this winter will be a tiny memory for us and we will be complaining about the heat.  When I hear someone complain "it's too hot!" I will pull out a picture of the snow that is on the ground now and remind that person about how much they were looking forward to summer.  One benefit of more snow is that is covers up the mess that "Nemo" left behind, there are acres of broken branches and such on the ground that a few more day's without having to look at them will be nice.  Well I am off to put on my winter boots, hat, gloves, layers of shirts and jackets, long johns and anything else to keep me warm and find a place to put all the snow that has me blocked in.  After all I need to get me a Dunkin Donuts Coffee!  Enjoy the snow!