With the MLB All-Star Game set for Tuesday night, both the American and National League managers, Brad Mills (Coaching in place of Terry Francona) and Joe Maddon, have named their starters and starting lineups for the midsummer classic.

To the surprise of nearly nobody, Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox was named the starting pitcher for the AL for the second straight year.

Sale has dazzled in his first go-around with the Red Sox, after being dealt to the team in a blockbuster winter trade by the Chicago White Sox. In the first half of the season, Sale posted an 11-4 record with a strong 2.75 era and 0.90 WHIP. He also becomes the first AL pitcher two start two consecutive All-Star games for different teams.

As for the NL, they had a bit of a tougher decision with a lot of strong candidates, but Maddon decided to go with Washington nationals ace Max Scherzer. The right-handed pitcher has been dominant in the first half of the 2017 campaign. With a 10-4 record, Scherzer has posted a minuscule 2.10 ERA and 0.78 WHIP.

With such dominant pitchers on the mound to start the night and no shortage of power set to come out of the bullpens, the offenses must be ready.

Here's a look at each league's starting lineups:

  1. Jose Altuve (2B)
  2. Jose Ramirez (3B)
  3. Aaron Judge (LF)
  4. George Springer (CF)
  5. Carlos Correa (SS)
  6. Justin Smoak (1B)
  7. Corey Dickerson (DH)
  8. Salvador Perez (C)
  9. Mookie Betts (RF)
  1. Charlie Blackmon (CF)
  2. Giancarlo Stanton (DH)
  3. Bryce Harper (RF)
  4. Buster Posey (C)
  5. Daniel Murphy (2B)
  6. Nolan Arenado (3B)
  7. Ryan Zimmerman (1B)
  8. Marcel Ozuna (LF)
  9. Zack Cosart (SS)

The game is scheduled to start at 8:00 PM ET on FOX.



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