When did it become cool to say "Merry Christmas" again? Was this cleared by some committee somewhere, or voted upon up on high? Or did American Christians just get sick and tired of being told that their most important religious holiday was offensive to a small minority?

Walmart Christmas (TSM Photo Michael Rock)

For years, the word "Christmas" had been vanquished from malls, shopping centers and schools for fear of offending the few. Walmart is among the retailers that have re-focused their holiday strategies this year to once again include the word Christmas. It's a move that should pay off for the retail giant.

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Candidate Donald Trump made clear during the 2016 campaign that American Christians should be free to celebrate Christmas, and did his best to promote it.

With a renewed sense of nationalism that has swept the nation, many Americans are reclaiming old traditions that appeared destined for the trash heap, Christmas among them.

The war on Christmas appears to be over. At least for now. At least at Walmart.

Walmart Christmas (TSM Photo Michael Rock)

Merry Christmas!

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