Women are again trying to force their way into an all male club suggesting they don't  know how to explain to their daughters that they just aren't welcome.

The Westerly Yacht Club in Westerly, Rhode Island recently voted to deny women full membership rights.  Wives are allowed to become associate members but do not have voting privileges. The Associated Press says the historic club, which is close to 100 years old, also forbids single women and married lesbians from joining  because they are not married to men.  The AP says gay men can join but their husbands are not allowed to be associate members because that status is reserved only for wives.  A two thirds vote would be required to overturn the rules.

For many women this may seem outrageous.  For some men too I suppose.  Some suggest it may be illegal though no one has challenged the policies in court. Not yet anyway. Business women say the rules deny them the opportunity to network with businessmen.  Some say the refusal to allow women to be full members is a backlash to the Hillary Clinton candidacy for president.

Funny how it's always the women you hear about trying to claw their way into a men's club, making them change their rules.  Why is it you never hear of men trying to force their way into a women's club?  You know the courts will eventually strike down the rules or the guys will back down and let the ladies in.

I do not promote any form of intolerance or discrimination but I can tell you this, if a club didn't want me as a member I don't want to belong to that club. Just a personal thing, I don't go where I am not wanted. Period. Is it possible then that these women can form their own club and disallow men?  Somehow I think the guys would be ok with that.

Ultimately, offering club membership to anyone who can pay the 600 dollar annual fee is probably a good idea.

Barry J Richard

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