Disappointed but not demoralized. That's how Mayor Jon Mitchell describes his feeling toward the decision by KG Urban Enterprises to withdraw its bid for a New Bedford casino development.

The Mayor was joined by a group of business leaders on Friday at City Hall to discuss what happens next.  Mitchell says the city has seen 5,000 new jobs in the past four years, and will continue to move forward.

As for the loss of the casino, the Mayor was philosophical. "Here in New Bedford we will never be a place that says we're not going to try.  We will try, and just because this one failed doesn't mean we will lick our wounds and say maybe we shouldn't stick our neck out." "When it makes sense to go for it," said Mitchell, "we'll go for it."

Asked whether another casino developer would be welcomed in New Bedford, Mitchell said if the project made sense for New Bedford, he would entertain it.

The Mayor also announced he would form an advisory committee to come up with ideas for the future development of the NSTAR property on the waterfront, but he said a lot of work must be done with the current owners, and the state, before the property is ready for development.

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