Why did the turkey cross the road? Because it was mating season apparently.

Seems turkeys are out looking for love these days and can be completely unaware of the dangers they might be putting themselves in.

Wild Care Cape Cod recently took to Facebook to warn drivers of the danger they pose to turkeys right now. It is the peak of turkey mating season and most male turkeys are totally distracted by female turkeys, causing them to make bad decisions when they cross the roads.

Typically turkeys will notice cars on the roads around them and try to avoid being run over. But mating season is a whole other game and the focus is more on puffing themselves up to full size and impressing any female turkeys that might be walking around and less on where they are standing when they do it.

For the females, this male display can be just as distracting. They could be enamored by the male's feathers or annoying and trying desperately to get away, both things that could lead them into the streets.

Basically Wild Care Cape Cod hopes drivers will make themselves more aware of wandering turkeys over the next several weeks and drive more slowly and carefully when they spot these wild animals on the side of the road.

There is just no telling when they might be struck by Cupid and foolishly walk right in front of your car. So let spring be the season you brake for turkeys on the SouthCoast and beyond.

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