If you've headed down Route 24 in Fall River and exited at Brayton Avenue in the last few days, you, too, may have spotted an adorable family of geese by the side of the road.

Though they are super cute, they are giving some drivers anxiety over concerns they'll be struck by speeding motorists.

When I saw a recent Facebook post out of Fall River about this family of geese, I felt their pain. That's because I saw something similar on a highway near my daughter's school the other day and I also called animal control.

It felt silly at the time, but this post helped me see I'm not alone in caring for these wild animals.

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The Fall River Facebook post was a warning to drivers on Route 24 that a family of geese appears to be calling the median near Cumberland Farms on Brayton Avenue home. People have been seeing them on and off and they are presumably hunkering down on the grass there between visits to the waterfront nearby.

Dangerous to say the least. And sadly, there isn't much animal control can do except try to get them to move somewhere else (when they can even find them).

My goose moment involved a family of geese -- mother, father and three babies -- walking along the highway literally inches from the speeding cars. When I saw them, my heart leaped out of my chest.

I was concerned for their safety, of course, but also knew getting out of my vehicle to do anything would likely do more harm to me than to them. So, like this Facebook poster, I called local animal control to get some help.

Presumably, local animal control offices don't want to hear about every goose sighting on the SouthCoast, so as drivers we should all be a little more aware. New animal babies are arriving every day and their parents are just trying to take care of them the best they can.

Keep your eyes peeled on the roads out there so more of these little guys can survive.

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