With the nicer weather upon us, a walk in the woods sounds like a good way to spend the day. If you’re going to do that in Massachusetts anytime in the next few weeks, however, there are certain colors you’ll want to avoid wearing or you could be mistaken for someone’s Sunday dinner.

We are now in the midst of turkey hunting season here in Massachusetts, which runs from April 25 to May 21 this year.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife has put out some information about obtaining turkey hunting licenses and the regulations around it, while also offering up some safety tips. One of those tips has to do with how you should dress if you’re going to be out in the areas where turkeys are known to frequent, such as in the woods.

For the next few weeks, if you’ll be in such areas, avoid wearing red, white, blue or black clothing. Those colors are associated with male turkeys, and could make you the target of a turkey hunter.

Instead, be safe and wear the same bright orange gear that hunters themselves wear.

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Also, if you hear some turkeys gobbling while out on your walk, don’t follow them; they could be a hunter calling the birds to them.

Keep in mind, too, that hunters don’t just hunt turkeys using shotguns. They also use muzzleloader guns such as muskets, and some hunt with the use of bow and arrow.

There’s no doubt that there are more and more turkeys roaming around Massachusetts these days, and turkey hunting helps to keep the population under control. Just make sure you’re not the turkey that gets shot.

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