In a celebration of a movie classic, the Massachusetts State Lottery has launched its latest scratch ticket game, Jaws, sending waves of excitement across the Commonwealth.

Launched on Tuesday, March 26, this shark-themed game offers the chance to win big cash prizes and an unforgettable summer vacation package to Martha's Vineyard for two lucky winners.

Inspired by the iconic Jaws franchise, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024, the lottery has crafted an experience that blends nostalgia with the excitement of winning big.

Each ticket is $10.

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With over 8 million tickets hitting retailers statewide, each ticket holds the potential to score the grand prize of $1 million. Additionally, the thrill of discovering a "shark fin" upon scratching ensures an instant win of $100. Six lucky tickets hold the $1 million jackpot; 112 tickets have $10,000 prizes; and 3,360 tickets offer $1,000 payouts.

Chief Revenue Officer Steven Martins expects the ticket to sell out quickly.

"The Jaws movie is Massachusetts-based, so it's fitting to bring the Jaws ticket to Massachusetts and our players," Martins said in a news release. "Our players and our agents are really excited about this ticket. It's bringing success, excitement and nostalgia around the movie everyone loves. We're excited about the great prizes and it's truly taking a bite out of winning."

The grand prize package includes a luxurious three-night stay for two at Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, overlooking the serene waters off the island. Winners will also receive $1,000 in spending cash, allowing them to indulge once on the Vineyard.

A private screening of Jaws will happen at the hotel, and the trip comes with amenities including a welcome gift and an exclusive island bus tour. Winners will enjoy daily breakfast, a memorable welcome toast and delectable dinners. Black car service will be provided for transportation to and from the port and ferry.

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