It's been nearly 50 years since the iconic film Jaws hit theaters. To celebrate the milestone, the great-grandson of a Universal Pictures co-founder is looking to host a 10-day event at the place synonymous with this historic thriller.

A Jaws celebration could very well be coming to Aquinnah in June 2025.

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50th Anniversary Celebration of Jaws

At a Select Board meeting last week, Mike Cochrane, the event planner and descendant of Universal founder Robert Cochrane, detailed the game plan for an epic celebration.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times reported the event would run June 15-25 at Len Butler Memorial Park by the Gay Head Light and the Vanderhoop Homestead site. Cochrane envisions the Boston Pops, film composer John Williams and actor Richard Dreyfuss among the draws.

When Is the Jaws Celebration?

The idea is a fun one, but officials agree that more details are needed to approve the idea.

Between the attention an event like this would bring and the logistics of Jaws fans flocking to Martha’s Vineyard, officials have requested additional info from Cochrane.

While the plans are in their infancy, this has the potential to be a huge celebration for one of the most iconic movies in history. Fifty years later and people are still terrified of sharks and actively seek out a trip to Jaws Bridge.

Stay tuned for more details on the potential celebration of Jaws.

Who knows? Maybe Steven Spielberg will join the fun and come back to the place that catapulted his career.

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