A major milestone is coming up for one of the most iconic films ever made in Massachusetts. Jaws is rounding home on 50 years, and as the big birthday approaches, we are already starting to see some preparations for celebrating what was Steven Spielberg's first box office blockbuster.

A unique event is being planned on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and much like the original movie, it coincides with a holiday weekend. However, no one is expected to get pulled under the water this time.

Jaws Fans Will Love This

Imagine an opportunity to see Jaws again on the big screen. That's pretty cool, but will probably be done repeatedly across America over the next year. What will be special about this particular screening planned at The Cabot in Beverly is that it will be hosted by none other than the star of Jaws, Richard Dreyfuss.

Dreyfuss has agreed to a question-and-answer period during which he'll field inquiries about his acting career and how some of his biggest movies were put together. The Academy Award-winning actor will share stories from the sets of Jaws, Stand By Me, What About Bob? and others.

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You can also expect the legendary actor to hit on some deeper, thoughtful topics like civic engagement, courage and seeking understanding.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Theater for 'Jaws'

The event will take place over Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2024.  Unfortunately, the event is sold out but if there is enough interest, there's always the possibility that a second date could be added, potentially on the Sunday night of the holiday weekend.

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