Massachusetts is moving away from polystyrene food packaging, and Fairhaven is at the forefront of the movement to rid the plant of single-use plastic products.

The Massachusetts Sierra Club says, "As of May 2024, within Massachusetts, 62 cities and towns across 12 counties representing over 1.3 million people (20%) have already banned some form of polystyrene."

Those communities include local communities such as Fairhaven, Attleboro and Nantucket.

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Strict new laws took effect in Fairhaven on January 1, 2024 that go far beyond just regulating polystyrene plastic. says, "Polystyrene, also known as polyphenylene, is a polymer made up of repeating molecules called styrene." The site says, "It is a thermoplastic polymer, meaning it softens and melts when heated and can be reused."

Now that your eyes have completely rolled back into your head, I will stop with the science lesson.

Polystyrene "is used across all industries, from toys and parts of consumer goods to insulation and packaging materials."

Dozens Of Massachusetts Communities Now Ban Polystyrene
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Xometry and the Sierra Club agree there are health effects associated with polystyrene plastics. Xometery says polystyrene is not toxic, "but the exposure of styrene molecules over a long period might create various health problems."

The Environmental Protection Agency says chronic exposure to polystyrene is dangerous to human health. EPA says it "affects the central nervous system, causing headaches, fatigue, and confusion."

The Sierra Club says polystyrene presents an "environmental hazard" as it is "often mistaken as food by both domesticated and wild animals."

The Sierra Club's website includes information about the various bans and regulations on polystyrene in Massachusetts and offers tips on how to get a polystyrene ban passed in your community.

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