Multiple sources are now reporting that Boo Boo the Black Bear has died.

The news of Boo Boo's alleged passing was first posted to the beloved bear's Facebook fan page, Scituate Bear (Boo Boo), on Wednesday.

According to reports, the bear's remains were found Tuesday, July 6, during a second search for him after he'd been hit by a van while trying to cross Interstate 195 in Marion. During that incident, the bear ran back into the woods and no sightings of him had happened since. Officials determined he had died from injuries sustained when hit by a medical transport van.

Marion Larson, Chief of Information & Education for MassWildlife, confirmed that Boo Boo’s body was recovered on July 6 in the Marion woods not far from the car collision. Based on the daily sightings of the black bear leading up to the June 24 vehicle collision and the subsequent lack of sightings, biologists are confident that the bear was “Boo Boo.” Biologists also speculate that the bear was about two and a half years old. Bear sightings this far south are unlikely, and he had likely wandered down in search of a new territory to claim separate from where he was born.

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The bear gained popularity this past spring and early summer as he was spotted multiple times throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Local law enforcement agencies nicknamed him "Boo Boo" and his legacy began. Sightings placed him in Wareham, Carver, Middleboro, and Mattapoisett in the weeks leading up to the vehicle strike in Marion.

Boo Boo had gained such local popularity as his sightings became more frequent, with one local even creating him his own Facebook page.

The page gave the black bear a backstory that only added to his unusual visits. Currently, his Facebook profile notes, "It's the summer of me! Ditched my ex (F.U. Linda) and spending Summer 2021 in South Shore, Massachusetts. Follow me as I make keen observations of Massholes and rummage through their trash for snacks. Currently unemployed bear. I have people skills."

In keeping with the real-life timeline of events, Boo Boo's Facebook page has him checking into Tobey Hospital following his hit and run with a van on 195. June 24 was the last time there was any sighting of Boo Boo in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

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