An ominous YouTube video could be connected to the deadly shooting incident in Isla Vista near the U.C. Santa Barbara campus. Sheriff Bill Brown says a man in a black BMW went on a ten-minute shooting spree while speeding through Isla Vista.

The gunman exchanged shots with deputies around 9:30 p.m., then crashed into a parked car and was found dead behind the steering wheel.

Brown told reporters that the suspect was, quote, "severely mentally disturbed" and he also said "This was a premeditated mass murder."

Brown says authorities are aware of the video, which was entitled "Retribution" and features a young man identified as Elliot Rodger.

In the nearly seven-minute long rant in his YouTube video, the man speaks angrily about being rejected by multiple women for love and sex for years, and says that he will, "punish you all for it."

Brown hasn't confirmed if the gunman in the incident is Rodger or if the video is connected to the deadly shootings.

Seven people are dead, and seven more are injured after the shootings last night in Isla Vista, near the campus of U.C. Santa Barbara. Witnesses say a black BMW drove around and opened fire on people in multiple locations.

The gunman is among the dead.

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