WAKEFIELD — The search for Massachusetts' great white whale is over.

Many have wondered what happened to the animatronic Moby Dick that used to rise out of the water at the now-closed Pleasure Island amusement park in Wakefield.

Now, one intrepid YouTuber has solved the mystery.

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In a ten-minute video that shows eerie underwater drone footage of the pond that once hosted droves of visitors at the short-lived park, YouTube user "sparkiegames" reveals that the whale never actually left.

Pleasure Island was an amusement park that featured several ponds for water-based rides — but due to the freezing Massachusetts weather most of the year, the park only lasted ten years, from 1959-1969.

The grounds became an office park, and its ponds show few signs of the tracks and ticket booths of its former glory.

Learn about the real whale that inspired the tale of Moby Dick

Since the park's closure, stories abounded about the mythical animatronic whale.

Some said he had been taken out of the pond and dismantled, while others insisted he remained in the depths — and could even be seen when the water levels were low.

The new video introduces us to the whale with historic footage of Pleasure Island and details the crew's difficulties in confirming Moby Dick's location.

Finally — after purchasing two different underwater drones and an inflatable boat — the beast is found in relatively good nick, sunk on its tracks at the bottom of the unnamed pond.

In the immortal words of Melville himself, "It is not down on any map; true places never are."

Watch the video:

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