The people of the SouthCoast, especially in New Bedford, lost their minds on Wednesday, February 17 when I dropped the news of the re-opening of Ma's Donuts on them.

My phone battery went from 90 percent to five percent real quick as texts, messages, comments, and reactions flooded my social media and inbox. Everyone wanted to know when the New Bedford location was opening – as in the actual date – but there wasn't any word on it just yet.

Yes, owners Sheila and Eddy Lemieux, along with their son Scott and daughter-in-law Lauren, have already begun the cleaning process inside the Acushnet Avenue donut shop, but they're taking it at their own speed.

The re-opening announcement caught the attention of other news outlets and even people beyond the SouthCoast, but what really caught my eye was the response I saw on Friday from yet another donut shop whose doors had been closed for quite some time.

Over in Middletown, Rhode Island Ma's Donuts and More dropped a proclamation of their own, announcing their grand re-opening on Sunday, Feb 21st at 78 W. Main Road.

The question on everyone's mind is, "Is there any relation?" and I'm here to tell you no, there isn't. Ma's Donuts in New Bedford is a completely different family and the "OG" in my eyes.

There seems to be some confusion between the two and if you're anticipating a donut from Ma's in New Bedford and make your way over to 1972 Acushnet Ave tomorrow, you're only going to be greeted by a "closed" sign and locked doors.

Ma's Donuts and More Facebook
Ma's Donuts and More Facebook

It's important to know your Ma's and as excited and happy as I am for the Middletown location to be opening back up – especially since it's a small business that we should be – I'll personally be waiting patiently for the Lemieuxs to give the SouthCoast the green light to come on down to Acushnet Ave and get our hands on those delicious honey-dipped donuts.

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