According to The Telegraph, about 26% of men believe they suffer from 'man periods.'

Male participants in a study were asked if they have experienced PMS side effects including fatigue, cramps, and sensitivity. A quarter of them said yes, and some admitted to feelings of constant hunger, increased cravings, bloating and general irritability.

Dr. Jed Diamond is a specialist in male social patterns who has researched this phenomenon, formally known as 'Irritable Male Syndrome.' In his book, Diamond states that it "is assumed that women are hormonal and men are moved more by logic, but men have a number of hormonal cycles and these affect their level of energy, anger, sex drive and irritability." He believes that these symptoms are associated with a testosterone deficiency.

However, Dr. Gregory Jantz, a psychotherapist and author, is not convinced that this should be validated. "Irritable male syndrome may be the most recent sticker slapped over the old mid-life crisis label," Jantz continues, "but as far as I can tell, the idea has been around for a few years and it hasn't gained much real traction amongst men."

Personally, I have seen this in some of my friends and family members. It doesn't seem to be age discriminatory, so I doubt it's a mid-life crisis thing. Unless you want to call it a quarter-life crisis? Either way, I find this unbelievably interesting and want to hear from you!

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