Over the past few weeks, Massachusetts and much of the East Coast has experienced snowstorms, severe flooding and high winds. It’s been a nightmare for homeowners and commuters as they battle the elements.

But there is an elite group of individuals that Massachusetts can always count on, and that’s the United States Postal Service.

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USPS Drivers are Unphased

A Boston real estate agent captured the moment a USPS truck put all Bostonians to shame and proved that no amount of rain, sleet or snow can prevent them from doing their job.

Patrick Brusil has amassed an impressive following thanks to his humor surrounding Boston life and real estate information.

His latest video found him in Lynn, a city seemingly underwater after heavy rainfall. He captured the moment a Lynn postal worker trudged through a flooded street.

Watch This USPS Driver Brave the Elements in Massachusetts

At one point in the video, the headlights of the van are completely submerged in water, but the driver was clearly on a mission as they drove and floated along, near Ocean Street and Eastern Avenue.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” is a phrase long associated with the American postal worker.

This video is that phrase put into action.

To all USPS workers, we salute you.

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